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David Finlayson Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Green apple, flinty and tropical fruit flavours on the nose flow through onto the palate where crisp, clean acidity is met by a creamy midpalate. A softer and rounder version of Sauvignon Blanc than most modern day examples with more than a nod to the French style of the Loire.
Alc: 13.2  RS: 2.4  pH: 3.2  TA: 5.9  VA: 0.47  TSO2: 83  FSO2: 27

David Finlayson Chardonnay 2023

This is the sixteenth vintage of our Chardonnay. The wine is made from five different vineyards. As with previous vintages, the wine shows an elegant minerality with lime-citrus, sourdough and cinnamon flavours. The tight minerality keeps a wonderful acid grip on the palate showing good aging potential. A floral note of wild, white flowers such as frangipani and almond blossom is obvious on the front of the nose and follows through the palate.
Alc: 13.81  RS: 2.5  pH: 3.52  TA: 5.7  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

David Finlayson Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

Produced from four outstanding clones of Cabernet Sauvignon planted on different sites in them Stellenbosch area. Made to exude the intensity and purity of Cabernet Sauvignon varietal character and as such display typical Cabernet Sauvignon cassis and blackcurrent flavours. The wine has a fresh, minty, red berry fruit spectrum on the palate backed by mocca vanilla oak. Firm structured tannins and a long finish on the palate show good ageing potential.
Alc: 14.04  RS: 2.2  pH: 3.61  TA: 5.7  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

David Finlayson GS Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

The wine displays Cabernet Sauvignon cassis and blackcurrant fruit on the nose as well as having a fresh minty, herbaceous ness backed by mocha vanilla. Firm structured tannins and a long finish on the palate show great ageing potential.
Alc: 14.40  RS: 2.05  pH: 3.5  TA: 5.89  VA: 0.57  TSO2: 74  FSO2: 21

David Finlayson GS Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

The wine displays Cabernet Sauvignon cassis and blackcurrant fruit on the nose as well as having a fresh minty, herbaceousness backed by mocha vanilla. Firm structured tannins and a long finish on the palate show great ageing potential.
Alc: 14.62  RS: 2.3  pH: 3.51  TA: 6  VA: 0.57  TSO2: 74  FSO2: 21

David Finlayson The Pepper Pot 2021

This wine is created to show the fresh, fruity and spice-driven flavours of these Rhone varietals. The colour is youthful and purple/red. The nose is one of crushed black pepper, dark mulberry and mixed berry coulis. Pure, clean dark red berry flavours flow onto a smooth palate with sufficient structure to warrant enjoyment with food such as Gourmet Pizza with Carpaccio and rocket salad.
Alc: 13.42  RS: 2.2  pH: 3.73  TA: 4.8  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

David Finlayson Merlot 2022

A medley of small berry and fruit flavours including blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, mulberry and blackberry combine with a hint of anise and vanilla to give a wine that is instantly gratifying in flavour whilst showing good structure and tannin concentration to allow for some maturation.
Alc: 13.65  RS: 1.9  pH: 3.66  TA: 5.3  VA: 0.86  TSO2: 68  FSO2: 31

David Finlayson Pinot Noir 2022

A fresh, modern, New World style with a nod to the complexity of Burgundy. This Pinot Noir shows ripe, fresh raspberry, strawberry and vanilla notes on the nose. The palate has a touch of minerality and earthiness layered below the fresh, clean fruit.

Alc: 13.27  RS: 1.8  pH: 3.61  TA: 5.6  VA: 0.85  TSO2: 68  FSO2: 20

David Finlayson Camino Africana Chenin Blanc 2022 Old Vine Single Vineyard

The wine was made with the absolute minimum intervention and to allow the old vines to express the true flavours of the site and variety with as gentle a human touch as possible.
The wine has an unmistakable minerality and the salty, Umami flavour on the palate that can only be found when vines have struggled for decades to make their mark in the soil. This wine signifies something truly special to me as a winemaker and is part of my journey in life and wine in South Africa, hence the name, Camino Africana, “The African Way”

Alc: 12.76  RS: 2.1  pH: 3.3  TA: 5.5  VA: 0.71  TSO2: 67  FSO2: 25

David Finlayson Camino Africana Shale Terraces Chardonnay 2022

This vineyard was planted by David Finlayson on terraces he cut into the steepest hillside on the Edgebaston property in Stellenbosch. The trellis system is low to the ground and uncommon in South Africa as it produces very low yields and small bunches. The vineyard is hand farmed and processed only with organic principles in mind.

Alc: 13.54  RS: 4.2  pH: 3.37  TA: 6  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

David Finlayson Camino Africana Cabernet Franc 2021

Depth, structure, bold fruit and suave, juicy tannins – all bolstered with classy wood regimen – make for unmistakable quality.

Bottled with minimal filtration and no fining to maintain the wine’s fine structure. This is as non-interventionist as he could manage. The fruit is pure and very expressive, and challenges the notion that this grape should be used for blending.

Alc: 13.34  RS: 1.6  pH: 3.49  TA: 6.1  VA: 0.85  TSO2: 100  FSO2: 31

David Finlayson Camino Africana Pinot Noir Reserve 2022

This wine is made from Pinot Noir, clone 667, planted two decades ago on the Stellenbosch mountain as an experimental block. In my search for special and undiscovered sites and wines, I found the grapes and have followed their path into this fantastic example of what potential there truly exists for Pinot Noir in Stellenbosch when the right clone is fitted into the perfect site and terroir. A wine for maturation and enjoyment when the time is truly ripe for the reward.
Alc: .  RS: .  pH: .  TA: .  VA: .  TSO2: .  FSO2: .

David Finlayson CAB et al. 2021

Having worked at the world famous Chateau Margaux in his early winemaking career, David fully understands the nature of making a good Bordeaux style blend. In the Cab et al, he has changed the style from a wine that needs many years to mature to a softer, plush wine that is ready to drink at a far younger age.
Alc: 14.14  RS: 2.5  pH: 3.62  TA: 5.7  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

David Finlayson Camino Africana Cape Vintage 2020

Made in the traditional “vintage port style” from grapes specifically grown for this purpose in a warm, dry microclimate. 
Alc: 19.43  RS: 101  pH: 3.98  TA: 4.8  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

David Finlayson Camino Africana DANI NV

In 2013 David Finlayson and his daughter Dani, after whom the wine is named, made their first joint venture natural sweet wine on Edgebaston using selected portions of the Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc vineyards on the property.
Alc: 12.75  RS: 1.39  pH: 3.71  TA: 6.2  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

ARA - Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol use Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Enjoy Responsibly.