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David Finlayson
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David, who joined the family business as assistant winemaker in 1994, is passionate about his family as well as surfing, mountain biking and fly-fishing. He remembers himself as a youngster causing mayhem in the Blaauwklippen cellar and the enjoyment of forging friendships in those younger years.

David was born into the wine industry; his father is Walter Finlayson, founder of Glen Carlou. But this was not the only reason David decided the wine industry is his calling. He sees his work as more of a lifestyle than a mundane job and finds winemaking exciting and invigorating, keeping him on his toes because no two vintages are ever the same.

David draws personal satisfaction from wine making, through the creation of a piece of art and science, bringing pleasure to those that drink the wine. David was one of the first winemakers to qualify in the 'New SA', enabling him to travel extensively and work in areas where South African winemakers had not yet been exposed to. This gave him the edge because he had the opportunity to bring back many new techniques.

David's finest accolades thus far are the John Platter Wine of the Year Award and the South African Airways Wine of the Year Award. When asked what his personal achievement has been up to this point in his career, the answer was his pleasure and private achievement to build Glen Carlou into what it is today, one of South Africa's very best wineries.
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